Ideally located next to “La Place des Iris” at the core of Casablanca, So Art Gallery is a new Space for Art created in December, 2012 by Ghizlaine Guessous-Boutaleb, an art-fanatic young lady. All her life, Ghizlaine was hoping to share her passion for art not only with the insiders but also with the widest circle of art lovers' and the best professionals. And to do so, what could be better than accommodating her proper place and make it a friendly space for cultural exchanges.


So Art Gallery is dedicated to:

- showcasing the works made by renowned artists of the contemporary art, but also serving as a launchpad for the young artists and the new Moroccan talents, the emergent ones who spark interest because of their style and approach, whether the field be painting, sculpture, photography or any of the mixed media;

- offering a wide range of services to institutions and individuals, so as to help them figuring out a strategy to gather works of art (paintings, sculptures, photos and others), to coach them whenever they wish to estimate the value of their personal collections, and to provide them the needed expertise and the right counsels for new orientations according to the upward trends all the while respecting their own taste.