Mehdi Qotbi was born in 1951 in Morocco in Rabat.


He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Rabat, and the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse where he obtained the national diploma becoming the youngest graduate in France.He moved to Paris where he will follow for two years the course of the upper school of fine arts. He practiced the profession of visual arts teacher for thirty years. Recognized throughout the world, the pictorial work of Mehdi Qotbi, imprinted with poetry, rhythm and crossed by the breath of a spirit of wisdom, is a universe in itself. Meeting point between the East, Africa and the West, between geometric abstraction and the elegant subtleties of Arab-Islamic decorative arts, the work of Mehdi Qotbi has fascinated the greatest feathers of literature and art. European criticism.


Mehdi Qotbi has been honored with several distinctions, Commander of the Legion of Honor, Commander of Arts and Letters, Officer of French National Merit.


In 2011, he was appointed President of the National Foundation of Museums of Morocco.