Jean-Baptiste Valadié, an artist with multiple talents, able to express himself with the same light, the same sweetness, whatever technique he uses, leaves on the canvas or paper the imprint of his waking dreams.

The powerful imagination of this painter-draftsman-engraver, and above all a poet in color, if he knows no bounds, keeps the feminine eternal as the central motif. Over time, this graduate of Decorative Arts has built a world, a world where his pictorial technique plays a leading role.

It allows Jean-Baptiste Valadié to stage, with an assertive modesty, the sensuality, the power of seduction, the charm and the beauty of the young woman. Adorned with the most extravagant finery, the most sought after in terms of refined elegance, worthy of fashion designers, or dressed in her only nudity, the woman who haunts and paints canvas is a perfection of mystery and plastic purity.