Born in 1990 in Abidjan, Côte d´Ivoire. Lives and works in Bamako.


Ange Dakouo, by his full name Losso Marie-Ange Dakouo, graduated from the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers Multimédia de Bamako from where he graduated from his promotion in 2017. Ange first worked figuratively before developing his work current, which he calls "gray-woven gray", from 2018.


He received a distinction in 2015, notably, winner of the first prize of the 9th edition of the national competition "Talents de la Cité" in the painting category.


Ange is one of the founders of the Tim’Arts collective, with which he exhibits regularly in Bamako, Ségou, Dakar. Her work has, for example, been presented at the Ségou Contemporary Art Fair, Ségou ’Art in 2016 and 2019; recently as part of the exhibition "The weavers of links" at BICIM, Bamako and this year he is participating in the AKAA Fair, in the exhibition "Yesterday is the memory of tomorrow".


Ange has two solo exhibitions to his credit, respectively, "Les boites rouges" at Taxi Bamako in 2018 and "Tomorrow will be better" at Villa Soudan in 2019.