Zulu Mbaye is, without any doubt, one of the keyfigures of the Senegalese art landscape. Using his strong knowledge of the african imaginary, Zulu Mbaye creates through each colored stroke a all universe. His canvases  show a perfect mastery of his art and, at the same time, it brings out the idea of renewal, which surprises us. He uses a wide  iridescent colour palette; the shapes he draws are recognizable and are geometrical symbols which refer to our african origins.


Talented, iconoclastic, inspired by the world beauty, Zulu Mbaye is a complete artist, known throughout the world, who has worked now for about forty years on the visual creation.


He is also an explorer looking for the pure plastic who questions the materials and the creation. He is a "plastician-traveler" who admires all landscapes and creates sacred african stories.  He summons the african arts inspiring himself from the cultural imaginary surrounding us, revisiting the african rythm that one can hear in his canvases. 


Mbaye belongs to the senegalese art movement which wants to revisit and promote their cultural heritage. He is also a key figures to the global reach of senegalese plactic arts. Besides, he is considered as the leader of an artistic renewal with a strong will to gather new talents and to federate artistic initiatives through the country. 


For all that, Zulu Mbaye is a committed artist and definitely focused on the rebirth of the african art.