Among the pioneers of the new figuration in Morocco, in the 1970s, Ghany became one of the most striking figures thanks to a plastic vocabulary that he explored less as a realistic representation of everyday life than as a broader social and human metaphor.


Driven by an unbridled desire to open up to the world, everything inspires and impresses on his canvases, "passers-by, colors, a smile. The incessant search for novelty and a new expression, he never feels frozen in his achievements "


Fervent admirer of Duchamps, Paul Klee, Miro, Ghany is a painter of plural expression. Painting, sculpture, video are tools that trace a strong production of about twenty years. He captures the subjects of our environment by the taste of the infinite. In addition to the classic processes, the artist is breaking new ground with computer-aided painting, which has been a pioneer for several years.


Ghany shares his life between Morocco, France and the United States. 

Fifty years of passionate activities have made of Ghany an exceptional figure in the art scene, well known around the world, through numerous exhibitions, travels and conferences. He is the embodiment of the committed artist who works for tolerance and respect for difference, who adopts an ethical point of view before any aesthetic approach, he does not stop to question the nature and sense of art in our society invaded by the media.


Exclusively devolved to the urban space and the human, Ghany Belmaachi's painting distils a curious mystery that his nomadic soul immediately suggests. Shanghai, Paris, Washington, emerges a geography from elsewhere that draws a palette of diverse and varied horizons for this native child of the Moroccan ocher city, Marrakech.