The artistic approach of Abdelkebir Rabi 'is closely linked to spiritual and philosophical reflection. His paintings capture the eye, freeze the moment and plunge the viewer into a singular and powerful universe. His imagination imbued with poetry and solitude emerges emotionally through the raw features, the striking blacks or the play of light and shadow. Abdelkebir Rabi 'masters with virtuosity various techniques such as charcoal, Indian ink or oil painting. In some of his paintings, he transcends the ancestral art of calligraphy with a short and sure brushstroke.

Abdelkebir Rabi 'grew up in an environment conducive to contemplation and develops an early taste for drawing. In 1961, he moved to Fez to follow a teacher training. He meets French painters and learns painting. Parallel to his activity as an artist, Abdelkebir Rabi 'is a visual arts teacher. In the sixties, he made several artistic residencies in Paris and participated in numerous exhibitions in Morocco and abroad. A retrospective of his work is organized in 2008-2009 by the Société Générale Art Space in Casablanca. In 2003, he retired permanently from teaching to devote himself exclusively to his art.