Leslie Amine creates original compositions with ink and acrylic. She questions different topics such as miscegenation, the mix of cultures and identity. During her various travels, she captures moments, people who move her. Then, plenty of elements eventually meet on her colorful canvases: luxury vegetations, living cities, atypical characters… The most striking in her art is without any doubt the way she works on transparency: it creates a world split between dreams and reality.


“Her artworks are stories without any narrative. The place is uncertain, the action unknown, the dialogues are mute. Painting is an art of silence. A kind of enigma come from her compositions and the observer is tempted to act as if he was a detective in those mysterious universes. Still, echos of impressions, which were born outside the canvas, remain in her works.

This magic which happens outside the canvas built herself from the numerous experiences and memories of Leslie Amine. Memories of countries, of travels, of instants, of images, of paintings, the things she saw, she felt, she has been through, and she chose. It’s a flow of colors and shapes, a fluent circulation where you can see, between reality and virtuality, the fragmented mobility of our current world through the vision of an artist, Leslie Amine”

Marc DESGRANDCHAMPS, Douceur électrique, 2017