Ghany was born in the Kasbah of Marrakech. His passion for painting and drawing came early. At the age of 11, he studied drawing under the direction of the German painter Hans Holbeing, at Lycée Ibn Abbad (Lycée Mangin), for four years.


At the age of 19, in 1969, he became one of the main artists of the city and organized an open-air exhibition in Boulevard Mohamed V, for the association of young painters of Marrakech. Considered as a daring step at that time, Ghany's event triggered the need to create a link with his public and to create a work oriented towards sociological art.


His strong determination led him to found the group SITUATION 73 and he organized an international didactic exhibition, at place Jemâa El Fna, in Marrakech in 1973. He exhibited conceptual works (the old doors), a first in the annals of contemporary art in Morocco. The same year, he met Paul McCartney (The Beatles), during his exhibition at the Mamounia Palace. The rock star and her family: Linda Eastman (artist photographer), her two sons (two and three years old) and Stella McCartney, 5 years old, who is now a great designer, visited Ghany in her studio in Derb Dar El Badi9, Marrakech .


Ghany realized, very early, that the artist, above all, has a moral responsibility and that today's certainties will be the questions of tomorrow. Here Ghany’s approach took shape: an artist who was not only preoccupied by his own artistic research, but also by the situation of artists and visual arts at the time. He is then among those at the origin of the boiling years and the golden age of the contemporary plastic arts in Morocco. He was the linchpin of the foundation of the Association of Plastic Artists Moroccans, in 1975, in Casablanca. His contribution to the development of the plastic arts in Morocco is invaluable.


Among the pioneers of the new figuration in Morocco, Ghany became one of the most striking figures in the 1970s thanks to a plastic vocabulary that he explored less as a "realistic representation of everyday life" than as a broader social and human metaphor.


In 1975, he met and befriended Bill Wyman, a living legend (Rolling Stones). Invited to spend some time in Bill Wyman’s residence in Vence, in the south of France, Ghany made a mural and his works are now alongside those of modern and contemporary masters. His international presence strengthened remarkably. He became a familiar character in Saint-Paul de Vence, where he is often seen in the company of renowned artists, among others: André Verdet, Lorna Loft, Arman, James Baldwin, Caesar, Michel Magne, Dallas Taylor etc ...


Following his meeting with Pierre Restany in 1976, Ghany's reflection and quest also address the problem of art in the city. After several years of research together, Ghany and Restany decided to launch the idea of ​​organizing the international symposium: Reflections on the city of today and tomorrow.


In 1977, Ghany was officially invited to exhibit at the Saint Paul Museum and was the first Moroccan artist to exhibit individually in a French museum.


After organizing the second week of contemporary art with Pierre Restany, Lydie and Patrice Trigano, Ghany decided to settle in Paris in 1980. The French Ministry of Culture gave him a workshop at Celle Saint-Cloud. After four years of residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, in a workshop assigned by the city of Paris, Ghany was awarded a permanent workshop by the city.


In 1986, Ghany obtained his Diploma in Advanced Studies in Approaches and Methodology of Arts and began his doctoral research in Aesthetics Sciences and Arts Technologies under the direction of Frank Popper and Edmond Couchot. In 1992, he supported his doctorate and obtained it with mention of the Jury.


In 1987, Jaques Polieri, the creator of the Contemporary French Scenography, took a close interest in Ghany's work and represented him internationally for twelve years.


During the Parisian period, Ghany rubbed shoulders with the most important personalities of the art world in France and in the world. He organized several exhibitions for Moroccan plastic artists in France, including the current trends in contemporary Moroccan art.


Acclaimed artist known for his curious and open mind, Ghany decided to create the axis: Morocco, France, United States. Once again, he organized a series of exhibitions for Moroccan artists in the United States. His works have been exhibited all along the American east coast, from Orlando to Boston.


As an artist with strong convictions, Ghany has always been inspired by the spirit of research and the need to commune with nature and the spirit of things, that’s why he decided to cross America by car, it is in nature that Ghany finds himself and finds his energies to deliver a work full of vibrations and emotions transcending time and space, a work that evokes the intimate in infinity.


Seduced by the natural beauty of the American North West, Ghany decided to settle in Seattle but his exploratory spirit led him to other countries afterwards.


Fifty years of passionate activities have made of Ghany an exceptional figure in the art scene, well known around the world, through numerous exhibitions, travels and conferences. He is the embodiment of the committed artist who works for tolerance and respect for difference, who adopts an ethical point of view before any aesthetic approach, he does not stop to question the nature and sense of art in our society invaded by the media.