Art Paris Art Fair 2019

4 - 7 April 2019

So Art Gallery takes part in the unmissable spring event at Art Paris Art Fair 2019.

Focusing on a thematic approach and open to all artistic mediums, the 21st edition brings together 150 galleries of modern and contemporary art from April 4 to 7, 2019 under the majestic cupola of the Grand Palais.

Art Paris cultivates its difference, that of being an international fair turned towards the discovery which puts the stress on the European scenes from the post-war period to the present day while exploring the new horizons of the international creation that they come from Asia, Africa, the Middle East or Latin America.

Following this line, So Art Gallery will be present through the works of 4 artists with eclectic backgrounds and influences.

First, Mehdi Qotbi confirmed artist and great figure of contemporary Moroccan art. Recognized throughout the world, the pictorial work of Mehdi Qotbi, imprinted with poetry, rhythm and crossed by the breath of a spirit of wisdom, is a universe in itself. Meeting point between the East, Africa and the West, between geometric abstraction and the elegant subtleties of Arab-Islamic decorative arts, the work of Mehdi Qotbi has fascinated the greatest feathers of literature and art. European criticism.

Will also be exhibited the works of the artist Ghany Belmaachi who is a pioneer of the new figuration in Morocco, Ghany becomes in the 70s, one of the leading figures through a plastic vocabulary that he explores less as a realistic representation of everyday life only as a broader social and human metaphor.

In a different register, Morran Ben Lahcen is part of the avant-garde of contemporary artists. Self-taught, he first makes his way through the artistic landscape at the option of street art. Since his beginnings, he has contributed to contemporary artistic creation, and has gradually turned to new graphic experiences, thanks to his ability to reinvent himself and to express new techniques. For Art Paris we have selected works reflecting a diversity of materials, plexiglass, buffalo horn, steel, wool, materials that relate to the earth and represent tangible memories of childhood MORRAN.

The photo will also be honored through the work of the artist Houda Kabbaj, self-taught photographer, she mainly uses silver photography, whose experimental process is part of her approach. She defines her work as introspective from "mental images" she transcribes. She lives and works between Paris and Marrakech.

Through the representation of these four artists whose works express a strength, a style and an elegance, SO Art Gallery confirms its will to present artists with singular universes full of meaning and requirement.