So Art Gallery presents the long-awaited exhibition by painter Abdelakader Laâraj, from February 17 to March 21, 2022. This exhibition will reveal to the public major works of the artist, as well as recent works using different techniques.

 Abdelkader Laaraj is one of those artists who can only create astonishment. Singular in his approach, deeply attached to his inner world, he never ceases to create and recreate the enchantment of this fascinating world, full of lightness and surprising cheerfulness. Self-taught painter, craftsman of the imagination, he has known throughout his career to remain faithful to his conception of life and art.

From one Moussem to another, in Assilah, to which he has remained attached, Abdelkader Laaraj, traces on his favorite wall, this ballad that he sings to passers-by and visitors. His soft, nuanced colors give his mural a rhythm imbued with happiness. Adopted son of Assilah, he was able to offer his richness a particular tone that so well matches the splendor of this open city! Like his affable and outgoing person, a smile always on his lips, his painting comes towards us, welcomes us generously and offers us a journey into the wonderful universe that he paints for us. This childish universe is also a dream universe, where the gaze wanders, where the imagination is winged.

 Abdelkader Laaraj is a sure bet in our Moroccan art. He offered him a set of works that sings about life, childhood, innocence with his own plastic research. The way he paints always reminds me of a child lying on the ground, his hands behind his head, his eyes wide open, contemplating a sober sky, illuminated by an infinite number of stars ...

Indeed, the creations of Abdelkader Laaraj invite us to dream, to dream and transport us far into the starry sky of the imagination!

                                                                                                                Mohamed Benaissa