Tissage d'écritures: MEHDI QOTBI

Mehdi Qotbi has proposed a new exhibition to the visitors of the So Art Gallery, a new trip.


A rediscovery of the Moroccan carpet, in all its splendor, its richness. With its colors and styles, witnesses of different times and different regions of Morocco.


Once again, QOTBI made us rediscover the carpet as it made us rediscover the letter, the carpet as we have rarely seen, the carpet on canvas.


So Art has transformed, during this exhibition, into a space where weaving intertwines and tells the story of the plains, dunes and mountains of the country.


Works that we can appreciate with their original sketches.


Shimmering colors, perennial, discreet or timid, Moroccan know-how joins the "letter" of Qotbi to transport us to other dimensions.