Living and working in Casablanca, Hakim Ghazali is considered by critics as one of the most talented Arab contemporary artists. He is an artist who keeps the secret of his creativity. A creativity through which he has seduced collectors and institutions, achieving significant scores through several international auctions.

Born in 1963 in Casablanca, Hakim Ghazali embraces the world of painting from an early age. His first solo exhibition dates back to 1985, one year before he graduated from the Jaber Ibnou Hayane High School in Casablanca. Ten years later, he graduated from the Higher School of Art and Design of Amiens.

And over time, a world of emotions is created with colors and shapes. On the canvas, it is the color that can condition its subject, sometimes out of a dream. Other moods and new lights envelop his inspirations. Currently, the artist is working on a very original theme: the mural. This is also the trademark of his latest work. His paintings are rich in effects of matter, dominated by the action of time "like a wall" and the heat of the sun "after abundant rains".