1-54 Contemporary Art Fair London 2023

Somerset House, 12 - 15 October 2023 
E25 Vendredi 13 octobre de 11h à 19h - Samedi 14 octobre de 11h à 19h - Dimanche 15 octobre de 11h à 18h. https://www.1-54.com/london/exhibitor-list/so-art-gallery/

So Art Gallery is honored to participate in the highly anticipated 2023 edition of the 1-54 London International Fair. We are thrilled to present an exceptional exhibition that will showcase three renowned artists from the African continent: Ahmed Hajoubi from Morocco, Angelo Dakouo, an Ivorian artist, and Oluwole Omofemi from Nigeria.

Join us for this unforgettable artistic experience at the 1-54 London Fair 2023 at Booth E25.

Each of these artists possesses a unique style that sets them radically apart from one another. One focuses on creating tapestries, another opts for a raw aspect in their works, while the last expresses themselves through painting. However, as one approaches their creations, it becomes evident that these three artists share deep connections.

Their works delve into the furthest memories of their childhood, which they brilliantly transpose into their creations using various techniques and carefully chosen materials. Everyday objects that have marked their lives hold a special place in their hearts, and it is with profound respect that they pay homage to them through their art.

Oluwole Omofemi, Angelo Dakouo, and Ahmed Hajoubi also share a common interest in exploring and expressing their cultural heritage and identity through their art. They use a variety of mediums and techniques to communicate their unique ideas and perspectives.

Oluwole Omofemi, a Nigerian artist, focuses on social and political issues related to the African continent while addressing themes such as identity, migration, and globalization. His art draws inspiration from Yoruba culture and traditional tales, which he honors through his works. The artist's moving and skillfully executed portraits reflect values of self-respect, self-confidence, and perseverance inherited from his grandfather's precious guidance.

Ange Dakouo, on the other hand, is a versatile and curious artist who experiments with drawing, painting, sculpture, and video. His creations, almost akin to textile sculptures, are made from newspapers, which become for him a trace of the past and a means to freeze history in time. Ange Dakouo weaves a harmonious universe of connections symbolizing interactions between individuals, echoing the traditional protective amulets worn by newborns and hunters in West Africa.

Finally, Ahmed Hajoubi, after a career as the director of a communication agency, found his artistic path at the Cité des Arts in Paris. His work is characterized by meticulous treatment of materials and a particular fondness for modest objects reminiscent of his childhood as the son of a drugstore owner. His creations exude a constant and amazed joy in the face of the diversity of the world around him. He strives to give new meanings to familiar products and materials by transforming them through painting, sculpture, or installation.

Bringing these three artists together in a single exhibition, So Art Gallery offers the public a unique opportunity to appreciate the sublimation of everyday life, identity, and heritage through works that harmoniously interact with each other. This exhibition captivates the eye and mind, offering a message deeply rooted in African culture and history, revealing the artistic virtuosity of each of the presented talents. Visitors are invited to dive into this emotionally and intellectually rich universe, where art becomes the vibrant reflection of a shared identity.

The 1-54 London International Fair will take place from October 12 to 15, 2023, at Somerset House. We warmly invite the media, art collectors, and the public to discover these exceptional works that testify to the diversity and richness of African artistic creation.