Self-taught painter, Mouna instrumentalizes painting to transcend adversity, silence suffering and impose otherness. In search of internal peace, she is in a permanent quest for the emotions of the Woman.


To overcome adversity, to silence suffering, to go beyond propriety and to impose otherness: that of a woman, multiple, kaleidoscopic and ambiguous ....


Mouna Bensaid's pictorial quest tells of this dive into the abyss of intimate pain and then the ascent to the light. Each work, in a scripted approach, expresses itself as much by what the frame says of explicit as by the mysteries of the high field. And we must beware of the evidence of meaning and representation.


Appearances are always deceiving. It is then that the woman is chained that she is drunk of freedom. It is when she appears in majesty that she seems the most fragile. It is in nudity that she protects herself, in the coldness of the marble that she sculpts her sensuality, behind the adornments she hides her distress and when she seems to be mumbling, she is the most disturbing.


MOUNA BENSAID's wife is broken and resilient, chained and conquering, pure and defiled, torn and totemic, vanquished and violent. Make no mistake about it: it does not have a trace of a so-called feminine sensibility, especially no soppiness, but an indestructible will, an almost brutal dreamlike efficiency, a formidable force of expression.


What could be read as the manifesto of an unsubdued Arab femininity is above all a free work, unconventional, out of fashion, out of speech, coming from the depths and fundamentally rebellious.